2000 yılından bu yana her yıl gerçekleştirilmekte olan uluslararası Bilişim Zirvesi – ICT Summit etkinliği, Türk İş Dünyası’nın teknoloji ile etkileşiminin bugününü ve geleceğini konuşturan ülkemizin ve bölgenin lider iş ve işbirliği etkinliğidir.
Yıllardır iş dünyası, devlet, siyasiler, akademisyenler, girişimciler ve yatırımcıları bilişim dünyası profesyonelleriyle buluşturan Bilişim Zirvesi, uluslararası kimliği, köklü, güçlü, özgün ve zengin içerikli yapısıyla bu alandaki en önemli bilgi, paylaşım ve buluşturma ortamı oldu ve olmaya devam ediyor.
2000 yılından bu yana edindiği eşsiz birikimle ülkemizin ve bölgenin lider etkinliği haline gelen Bilişim Zirvesi, gündem oluşturan içeriği, bilişim dünyasının tüm oyuncularını kucaklayan yapısı, tüm tarafları bir araya getiren ve buluşturan özelliği, geleceğe dönük yüzü ve yeniliklere açık kimliğiyle bilişim sektörünün de bütünleşik yapısını ve gücünü gösterdiği etkinliklerin başında geliyor.”

ICT SUMMIT FOR KIDS is a platform which deals with today and tomorrow of children born into Technology, not grown with it like many of us. The platform shares the topics of technology’s role in our future, its threats and needed precautions, provides a discussion environment on those topics along with brand new arguments, last but not least prepares parents to the future by informing them on intergenerational communication.
'BTvizyon Anatolia Meetings’ events bring leading informatics companies together with companies from Anatolia’s various cities.

In BTvizyon events, carried out since 2002 in different cities of Anatolia, suppliers make technology presentations and promote their products and solutions as well as have the opportunity to meet with their existing or potential customers face to face.
Technology Platforms are special environments where current “technology” topics are discussed, and the platforms are so unique that they share the same contents with ‘BTHaber Special Insert and Files’ interactively.

“Technology Platforms” accumulate private sector managers and expert technology companies’ managers every year in a BTHaber file and a platform conference since 2006.

ICT 500 - BTHaber proudly presents a detailed study consisting of Turkish IT sector’s top 500 companies list according to their turnovers by the general and sub-categories they operate in, the main features and the noteworthy foresights about the market. The data in ICT 500 – TOP 500 ICT COMPANIES research published every year for more than 15 years is considered the sector’s most important mirror, a guideline for companies which would like to invest in Turkey or purchase companies from Turkey and used as a reference for public and private sector purchasing.

The category leaders elected by the jury and popular votes receive their awards by a ceremony.

Following the ceremony, an extensive catalogue is prepared by BTHaber consisting of the details of all products attended Design Awards competition that year, shared with the sector. Via this competition, the target is to create the ideal platform for focusing on new products and high quality designs as well as to monitor technological developments closely.

Organized by our e-Government magazine “e-Government Roundtable Meetings” have the aim of sharing e-transformation projects carried out by the government with the public opinion clearly. e-Government Roundtable Meetings are valuable platforms where informatics sector representatives and institution representatives which put e-Government projects into practice come together in order to share strategies and solutions for analyzing and understanding the government’s relationship with other institutions in its organic structure.

They keep sustaining this process by new projects. Enhancing the background processes of the planned and actualized projects does not only improve the quality of services offered to customers, but also makes companies and institutions offer its projects faster thus significantly shorten the transition process from idea to product.  Information technologies directly affect companies’ relationships with their partner institutions and customers, as well as their competitive power.